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SeedHammer – 3mm Backup Plates

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SeedHammer Backup Plates: choose from SH01, SH02, or SH03 for securely backing up your wallets. SH01 is credit card-sized for singlesignature wallets, while SH02 and SH03 are ideal for 2-of-3 and 3-of-5 multisig wallets respectively. These 2mm strong 316L stainless steel plates can be effortlessly screwed onto the SeedHammer for automatic engraving. Choose your desired quantity and enjoy discounted prices for bulk purchases. Find more information below.

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The SeedHammer Backup Plates are made of 3mm strong 316L stainless steel. They can be easily screwed onto the base of the SeedHammer for automatic engraving.

Please choose between the following options:

  • SH01
    • 3x
    • 6x (10% discount)
    • 9x (15% discount)
    • 15 (25% discount)
  • SH02
    • 3x
    • 6x (10% discount)
    • 9x (15% discount)
    • 15 (25% discount)
  • SH03
    • 3x
    • 6x (10% discount)
    • 9x (15% discount)
    • 15 (25% discount)
Plate SH01

SH01 is credit card sized and works for singlesignature wallets with 12 or 24 word seed phrases.

12 words fit on one side incl. a compact SeedQR and the master fingerprint. In the case of 24 words, the opposite side of the plate is engraved as well.

Plate SH02 and SH03

SH02 is square and works for 2-of-3 multisig wallets. SH03 is rectangular and works for 3-of-5 multisig wallets.

The plates are split into two - a seed side and a descriptor side.

It is possible to engrave both on the same plate as well as to split them into two plates. Two plates make it possible to screw the plates together, with the shiny sides facing out.

Seed side:
12 or 24 words fit on one side incl. a compact SeedQR, the master fingerprint and plate number.
Descriptor side:
On the opposite side different parts of the descriptor are engraved together with one or two QR-codes representing the same data.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

SH01 (singlesig), SH02 (2/3 multisig), SH03 (3/5 multisig)


3x, 6x (-10%), 9x (-15%), 15x (-25%)


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